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At Straight Arrow Striping, we do so much more than just stripe parking lots. We have a full line of products and services to make your parking lot more than customer friendly. Here is a description of the services we provide to Austin and Central Texas businesses:

Parking Lot Striping
Of course, we can stripe a new parking lot, or restripe an old one with the best materials and paint, so that it will last for years.

Pavement Marking
There are lots of ways we can make your pavement customer friendly. We can put in walkways for customers to be able to go into your business safely, as well as back to their cars. We can also put in markings for no parking as well as loading zones, so that trucks can load and unload safely, without blocking the entrance to your business. Need a fire or emergency vehicle zone marked off? We can do that as well.

Asphalt Paving and Sealing
Need a new parking area? We can pave or repave your asphalt parking lot. We also do asphalt sealing with the best materials and equipment available. When
we’re finished, your parking area will be even, leveled and long-lasting.

Parking lot and Traffic Sign Installation
Depending on the size of your parking lot, you may need some signs to direct traffic in and out of your business. You might also need specialized signs for emergency vehicle parking, expectant mother or veteran parking, or parking spaces that are for your business only. We can do all of that for you. We can get signs installed in your parking lot so that they are clear and visible.

Power Washing
Need your building or parking lot power washed, to remove dirt, debris, and other issues? We can take care of power washing for you as well, so that your whole building looks brand new and fresh.

Thermoplastic Pavement Marking
Many people like thermoplastic pavement markings because they can be easily seen, and they are durable. They are also easier to see at night. If you think you might want thermoplastic pavement markings for your business, we can do that for you.

ADA Handicap Compliance
We are your go-to business to make sure that you have signage, parking stripes and other markings to be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
When you’re ready to do business, we can help. We have the best equipment used by the most highly trained employees in the Central Texas area. Let us show you how great your parking lot can look.